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Alterations is a video installation with interactive features, that leads the visitor through different layers of location and time. The process of development and production took place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands and during visits to Belgrade, Serbia.
The stage of development has been supported by the Dutch Creative Industries Funds and the municipality of Rotterdam.
The production has been supported by: the Dutch Creative Industries fund, the Mondriaan fund, Stokroos foundation, Bekker-La Bastide fund and the _V2 lab.
Two young couples arrange to meet in a forbidden city beyond a guarded border. While one couple chooses the airways, the other jumps into a rabbit hole. Both are met with obstacles, brought upon them by a persistent female guard. Once at the flat, the mood gradually turns uncanny. At the same time, that certain female guard is making her way to her dying father, who’s lying in a hospital bed at that same forbidden city. Her goal is to perform a purification ritual that involves the circling of a huge Larva. A creature, forever locked in its premature state. 

installation at Theater Rotterdam Schouwburg 2022

installation at the _V2 Lab 2021 ; See also: https://vimeo.com/6310467811

The starting point for this project is a film script that has been adapted to the format of a three channel looped projection. A certain tension is being created between the cinematic linearity and the technical possibilities. The triptych of imagery appears in a way in which no combination is likely to re-appear.
The work refers to issues of identity and connectivity, of surpassing limits and continuation. These issues are presented through colliding trajectories of the protagonists who operate amidst rural and urban landscapes. The visitor, along with the characters, embarks upon a multi-leveled journey while dealing with notions of perception, adaptation and the nature of human communication.    

Thanks to:
Miroslav Karić for everything from beginning on!
The Krnjaca camp,staff and inhabitants: a.o. Nikola Popov, Omari, Zaynab, Ali, Awad and Hobo; The VMA Hospital, Belgrade; Restaurant Dva Jelena and Marko Segedinčev for filming; Nikola Tesla airport and Aleksandra Kovacević; The Palace of Serbia; Marko Krunić and Milos (Genex tower) for the flats; Magacin art-center; Radovan Petrović (muddy field) and Jovica Novaković; Rob van Pelt, Theo Goemaat and everyone else on the way for the advice and the support.

See also:
Written, produced, directed, edited, manipulated: Marit Shalem / SpOp
Executive production Belgrade: Neda Radoičić
Camera: Branko Sujic
Sound design: Dirk Bruinsma
Interaction-programmer: Machiel Kunst

Maja Mitić as Fadela
Jelena Puzić as Es-Dee
Dominik Čičak as Mark
Ferdinand Doumic as Sasha
Teodora Tomašev as Co
Arion Asllani as Youssouf
and- Miodrag Jeremic as Fadela’s father
Make-up: Ljiljana Zorović
Assistance: Vanja Vojinović
Props: Wilma Kun and Pepavana

Thank you also:
Goran Terzić, Pavle Terzić, Biljana Srbljanović, Sonja Milošević, Mila Brkić – Velagić, Sandra Vesić - Tesla, Luka Tubić, Danijela Milosavljević, Nikola Popov, Jelena Šurlan, Svetlana Palić, Luka Knežević - Strika, Ivan Šijak, Miloš Stojanov, Zoran Erić, Dragan Dimčić, Janko Baljak, Vlatko Ilić, Ana Martinoli, Milica Lapčević, Vladimir Šojat, Ivana Ivković, Milica Pekić, Jelena Pavićević, Ana Samardžić, Károly Burai, Jelena Petrović, Stefan Škanata, Vahida Ramujkić, Tijana, Maja Ćirić, Maida Gruden, Milan Milosavljević, Aleksandar Djukić, Mina Nikolić, Mira Janjetović, Ana Simonović, Predrag Stojanović, Andjelija Nela Stanojević, Boban Stojanović, cabdriver Zoran, cabdriver Jovan.

MUP Srbije, The Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia, The Faculty of Dramatic Arts, JKP “Zelenilo,” GP Planum AD, Remont Gallery, Heartefact fund, The Serbian Association of Dramatic Artists, Family Extreme Team, and Krinolin make up. 
Made possible with the kind support of: