Performance at Le-Ventre, Hegénheim, France

The first images for Conveyance were originally made for a live performance at the Orgelpark (Organ-park) in Amsterdam for music by Dirk Bruinsma. The then again live recorded organ and electronics music is the recent soundtrack of this experimental film. 
The visuals are presented as a ballet of collaged forms, either abstract or hints of defined machinery, landscapes and human figures. These forms react to the music in movements between subtle transformations and ecstatic repetition, between peacefulness and disturbance. The sphere hints towards the contrast of anonymity and intimacy, the way things are almost tangible but unreachable in the realm of dreams.
The video film version has been exhibited lately at H(a)L, Rotterdam
The audiovisual, with double projections and live blowing on organ-pipes took place at: Le-Ventre, Hegenheim, FR; OCW podium, Rotterdam and at Sexyland, Amsterdam, NL.
Participating performers: Androa Mindre Kolo and Rubin Verhoog.