Projects in collaboration with musician Dirk Bruinsma
Clumped-Dissolved just the beginning of it.. started as a 'broken telephone' project with composers's group Monoták. With an evening planned for April 19. A short CGI animation will appear with two versions of sound: Bruinsma's and Thomas Myrmels's. See all this also as a growing loops-palette for future live.

Conveyance seen from within or through the visuals is an abstract choreography of forms, textures and hints of landscapes, architecture, objects and figures. The idea of following a track of transference in a state of mechanical vibration, moving in between locations and dimensions has been a guideline while constructing the CGI animation for the concert at the ‘Organ-Park’ in Amsterdam... read more

Knots: Crumbs of rock, architectural fragments and parts of machinery are entangled with the movement of human bodies, progressing and floating through deserted urban and digital landscapes. Inspired by sketches and ideas for time machines and by the style of the Futurist movement, Knots is an experimental dance film that deals with transformation, flexibility of time and material mass in the midst of an empty void... read more

Tribolumina is a combination of percussion and a set of recorded samples in correlation with projected video images. Percussionist Christian Smith joins Bruinsma in achieving unique sounds and rhythms out of found metal objects. Machinery pieces, chains, bells, plates, dishes and more. 
The live visuals are projected on a single or double channels. The images contain filmed and manipulated loops of the very played upon objects with glimpses on the musicians themselves, in combination with architectural designs, textures and other depicted light beams and more...

The Pale Drops series hops in between mainstream imagery, the mundane and visual art. Pale Drops #3 follows the term 'televised' and reflects upon the way we receive images of destruction and rubble through sterile and shiny TV studios and applications. It follows Pale Drops #2 as a video clip which includes a political comment... read more