Tribolumina is an audiovisual live performance project initiated by musician-composer Dirk Bruinsma. The metariality of played upon objects is the central topic, following the phenomenon of Triboluminiscence, in which light may appear while hitting, shaking, rubbing or scratching material.

The composition evolves as a live improvisation: a combination of percussion and a set of recorded samples in correlation with projected video images.

Percussionist Christian Smith joins Bruinsma in achieving unique sounds and rhythms out of found metal objects. Machinery pieces, chains, bells, plates, dishes and more. These are arranged as a sprawling landscape on surfaces as well as hanging mid-air. Added to that are drums, flexible plastic tubes and electronics manipulated by controllers and pedals.

The live visuals by visual artist Marit Shalem are presented on a single or double screens. While a second projection might appear on a transparent theater screen partly overlapping the main screen.

The images contain filmed and manipulated loops of the very played upon objects with glimpses on the musicians themselves, in combination with architectural designs, textures and other depicted substances such as liquids and powders.