Works on White, a contemplation on whiteness, taking place in a landscape defined as a symbol of cleanliness to the purity of the driven snow, the blank page to the melting ice caps, Moby-Dick to the wisps of clouds on a summer’s day.
The Works on White project has been a collaboration between Tony Kennedy / Badgewearer and Marit Shalem / SpOp. A sound and vision project bringing forth sequenced video films and live performances. The performance itself consists of audio loops, live bass, Moog, samples and a plethora of noisy toys that goes along with a projection of video loops based on the films Works on White #1 and #2. The performance session is variable from 20 minutes to 5 hours.
2019 - Kunst&Complex, Rotterdam, NL
Extrapool, Nijmegen, NL
Guild Cinema, Albuquerque, USA with Tiny Americans
Center for Peace , "       "         "
Jhonny's warehouse, Tucson,  "         "
screening of Works on White #2, Off-Screen, Rotterdam
WORM, Rotterdam, NL
Magacin, Belgrade, RS
DorcolPlatz, Belgrade, RS
LaboNovo, Reillanne, FR
Le Mini Who, with WORM, Utrecht, NL
2020- Ursula Walter gallery, Dresden, DE
Ann Arbor film festival, Michigan, USA
2020/21- Hilton Art Lab,three channel inst., Rotterdam
Works on White is a collage referring to the notion of ‘white’ mostly in relation to identity. We were collecting visual sources and sound recordings as well as textual commentary. At the same time improvising on interpretations of white as an abstraction, seen as either as a sublime or malign force.
Reflecting on the way in which history repeats itself as a back to the future phenomena. In times when social cohesiveness seems crumbling, we wanted to contribute to a reactionary tendency in governments and on the streets. While at the same time, a movement is advancing, seizing an opportunity to establish new connectivity and social structures.