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Works on White is a collaboration between Badgewearer and SpOp, resulting in films and live performances.
February 8-9 -2019 Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam
February 10-2019 in Extrapool, Nijmegen
April 18-2019, Guild Cinema, Albuquerque
April 20-2019, Center for Peace, Albuquerque
April 24-2019, Johnny's Warehouse, Tucson
May 23-2019, Off Screen, Rotterdam
June 19-2019, WORM, Rotterdam
September 21-2019, Magacin, Belgrade
September 24-2019, DorcolPlatz, Belgrade
September 28-2019, LaboNova, Reillanne
November 10-2019, Le Mini Who, with WORM, Utrecht
March 7-2020, Ursula Walter gallery , Dresden
March 25-2020 Trans-Pecos, New York (delayed to post-corona)
March 29-2020, Ann Arbor film festival, Michigan (streamed)
Dec 23-20 to Jan 10-21 Hilton Art Lab, Rotterdam

Alterations, an interactive video installation. Filmed in Belgrade as two fictional cities. Lately tried out at the _V2Lab, Rotterdam and showing there 6-10 October 2021

The video installation Broom Groom, adapted to monitors,
is part of a group exhibition at the Science Gallery,
Erasmus MC Rotterdam, 03/04-29/11 2020
Music by Marc Verhoeven.
07/03-30/5 2020 A solo exhibition at Ursula Walter gallery, Dresden, DE ----> video, drawings and a performance with Badgewearer
<--- From the series of digital collages for the article: 'Rethinking the Past Reclaiming the Future' by David Duindam. Included in a recent publication by the Dutch Embassy in Berlin and Onomatopee.
Working on: a project evolving around milk and milk powder. Starting in Vevey, Switzerland.