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contact: marit[at]spop.nl
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It's there: StoryK, an artist's book with comics and photo-romans based on a collection of scripts.
Made with the kind support of CBK Rotterdam.
Can be purchased via Underbelly online shop
Broom Groom / Sweeping Solo ---a three channel video installation. With José Kuijpers, Anne-Chris Schulting and Chrs Galarreta. Music by Marc Verhoeven.
Exhibited as try-out in UBIK WORM 12-15 April 2018
And via Welgenbach Arts & Books
And at the Tent Bookshop
The film Phlegm from 2010 will be part of the Experiments in Cinema film festival on April 18, 2019, in Albuquerque, USA.
Works on White is an ongoing collaboration between Badgewearer and SpOp, resulting in films and live performances.
February 8-9 Kunst & Complex, Rotterdam
February 10 in Extrapool, Nijmegen
April 18, Guild Cinema, Albuquerque
April 20, Center for Peace, Albuquerque
April 24, Johnny's Warehouse, Arizona
May 23, Off Screen, Rotterdam
June 19, WORM, Rotterdam